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"When Steve and I first began to work together on his book, "Extreme Mind Makeover", I knew nothing about him personally. We had talked extensively about his project, but our connection was one of those friend-of-a-friend types. I really didn't know much about who he was, or what he stood for.

Not any more. After spending 9 months working on his book, I've come to understand his passion as a writer, and to see his heart for the issues men face. He is unapologetically biblical, and yet is equally compassionate and gracious. Read his book and your will be challenged to live how God calls us to live.

He is also a great communicator of truth in spoken word. It seems that many excel in speaking or in writing, but I've found few who excel in both. Steve is one of those men, and you won't regret bringing him to challenge the men of your church or business or nonprofit or men's retreat toward a pure standard of living.

I highly recommend Steve's work to you. Read his book. Bring him in as a speaker. In either case, you will be glad you made the choice to listen to this voice of reason in a day of conflicting messages!"

          Joseph Castenada, Director of Communications at Lake Ann Camp

"Steve has an exceptional insight on being a person of integrity and purity. Steve has written an incredible book, "Extreme Mind Makeover," that really gets at the heart of our lives and relationship with God. I highly recommend Steve as someone who can and should be teaching/leading men towards a life of integrity and purity."

          Scott Mitchell, Sr. Field Service Technician

"Steve:  I've 'Kindled' your book 'Extreme Mind Makeover.'  May I say thank you as I have never read a book which explains the Christian life better than your words, breaking down what we are to do, how to do it, and why. May your ministry be richly blessed so as to continue to show forth the love of Jesus Christ and how we can rightly glorify Him in all we do and say."

           Glen C


"Steve led a study of his book for my men's bible study group and it made a significant impact on my life and the lives of those who attended. Steve was clear in his communication, organized and diligent in his leadership of the material, and thorough in covering the concepts and next steps from each chapter. As a teacher he broke the concepts down into digestible pieces and was patient with each of us to ensure we all got something valuable/actionable out of it!"

          Michael Barnard, Certified Financial Planner

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