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Steve Etner is founder and CEO of The Pure Man Ministry - an organization focused on helping Christians learn from God's word how to become transformed believers (Romans 12:2), experiencing genuine change that takes place from the inside out.  The Pure Man Ministry is all about God's Word, impressing upon us a deep heart's longing to glorify God in our daily lives and an understanding of how to make that happen through renewed minds.Steve Etner - Author, National Speaker on Overcoming Sinful Habits

Having attended Cedarville University and served in the pastorate for 12 years, Steve is now a National Speaker, Bible teacher and Purity Coach. His passion is to come alongside others to encourage them in their spiritual walk by showing them how to dig into the Bible, learning how to apply its truths to their everyday living. His conferences, seminars and retreats focus on what God has to say about the way we think and the impact it has on our behavior. Steve's goal is for you to have a re-ignited passion for Jesus and learn how to prepare your mind to successfully overcome your temptations and thus live a pure life for Christ.

In short, the focus of Steve's ministry is all about helping others become hungry to live in purity, passionate for God's Word, and aware of the practical answers from Scripture that make it all possible.

Steve, and his wife (Heather) of over 33 years, provide marriage counseling at the Michiana Biblical Counseling Center. When he’s not speaking, Steve enjoys running his own business as a Website Consultant & Designer.

Regardless of what sin(s) you may be struggling with, no matter how elusive victory may seem, no matter what is going on in your mind — Steve will lay out the tools God offers in His Word to equip you to regain the territory the devil has stolen from you.

If you would like to have Steve come speak at your church or organization, please call 717-4-PURITY or email steve@thepureman.org

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